Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Personal Projects

I thought I'd update you guys with a little bit of my non-uni work :3 Just 'cause everything you've seen up until now has been uni related and why not? :D

Okay, so below is my character Torik Glythwing, who I play as in Dungeons and Dragons (I'm part of a group being run by the Table Top Gaming society in Falmouth)
Torik is a Druid Gritaur meaning zi (gritaur's don't have a gender, so zi and zir are used as the pronouns) has a beast form, which of course is an actual griphon.
I found drawing these concepts for zir a good way to get into character during D&D sessions (and I won't bore you all further with backstory information and such :P) but yush, below are some character designs of Torik Glythwing in different stances.

Secondly, personal storyboarding :3 Below is a storyboard I devised for a 'Multi Animator Project' I have joined recently, I have to animate some of my own characters to, a 7 second clip of 'The 12 days of Christmas' song by 'Relient K'
This storyboard is very basic so far and I have began with animating the first part of it in Flash. I am thinking about moving around some of the frames when it comes to animating it finally, so that the character falling in frame 5, falls in the final frame instead.

This is what I have so far, I'm not so pleased with the line art and hope with a bit more practice in Flash that I can get a cleaner feel to my lines.


  1. Hello!

    I just saw this and was intrigued. See, I created a Gritaur for DnD, and it sounds like the one you're playing. Except it doesn't look like that... So I wonder, why did you change the apperance? And what stats are you using?

    1. Heya :D

      and I'm not actually 100% sure myself, why I chose the two legged instead of centaur style with zir, I think it's because I hadn't seen many other Gritaur drawings and wasn't sure what to do with 4 legs and the wings as well? and if zi was supposed to have arms above her griffon body or not owo Plus I kind of liked the idea of two legged with griphon features and the really, really big wings. I don't really play zir outside of beast form (all Torik's moves are beast form) so those pictures were less of a reference to the other players and more for fun :3

      I will get back to you on the stats ^-^ Because my Dungeon Master has all out character sheets and he's in London now c: But I shall post them up for you as soon as he's back! :D

  2. I have actually been working on stats for an anthro gryphon race too (played one in 3rd edition years ago). :) I guess the Gritaur stats can work for a biped too, even if some of the features and feats might get a bit hard to explain!

    But anyway, you can find what art there is at, plus the latest descriptions and rules at (needs another update, thought :( ).

  3. Hello!

    I recently made a drawing of Torik as a "proper" gritaur. Would it be OK if I used the name for the character when I post it on Elfwood?

    1. Ohmygosh o: I looked at your work and it's amazing :D Go ahead ^_^ I'd love to see it c: I do have the two front parts of my character sheet scanned now if you want to see it? c: But I still need to ask my DM to scan the back (the bit with all the moves and stuff written on not sure how much help it'll be :3)

  4. I'd love to see the character sheet! And don't worry too much about getting everything scanned, I'd like to see it but I'm not going to die if I don't. :-)

    I would really like to read your character background if you want to post that too!

    I can post you a note when the pic gets accepted to Elfwood.

  5. My view of what Torik might look like:

    Hope you like it. I have no idea what weapon you use, if any, so I gave hir a spear. :-)

    1. Ahhh, this is so, so awesome! :DD I love it c: Thankyou for drawing zir :D I think I get, more how gritaurs work nao o: I actually really like the idea :D and I love the beast form you drew too ;u; I'll scan my character sheet and upload in a bit :D I also have a few Torik drawings I haven't uploaded, so I'll probably put them up at the same time c:

      I should practice zir in this form at some point :D

  6. Glad you like it!

    I've written a little on how Gritaur physiology works (nothing really coherent yet, unfortunately) and I think (well, _hope_) that my ideas are pretty good.

    The body form, for example, has some aerodynamic advantages, especially compared to putting wing on a biped. You can put more of the mass close to the center of lift, and you move the center of mass forward (important for stability). Of course there's no way they can generate enough lift to fly without magic anyway, but every little bit helps! ;-D

    They have a double brain, since the big eyes and large respiratory system really limits how much brain they can put in the head. There's a secondary brain in the forequarters that handles basic movement. And one of my early ideas was that they would move somewhat like a mount and rider, not having to "think about" what all the limbs on the lower body does.

    But of course there are the things that's just stupid. ;-) Having a human head, with a human nose, is just idiotic for a flyer. And tail feathers would be a _really_ good idea! But, hey, artistic license! :-D