Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Task #2 - Bouncing Ball Across Screen

My second holiday task was to animate a ball bouncing from one end of the screen to another, I'm not as pleased with the outcome of this task compared to my previous one, but hopefully with a bit more work and practice, I'll be able to get this one on par with the other one :3 I've also recieved some really good feedback on the other one, which I'll talk about in a future blog post (when I have applied these changes to my work)

Below is my first attempt at this, It was suggested that I try animating almost entirely with the graph editor, which I did for this one. The graph editor has turned out to be a really, really useful tool, but something I think I need to work a lot more on, so I completely get the hang of it.  :3

 From observation, a few things I can see, need work on this are that the stretch and squash seems a little bit too visible for me. When I re-work this animation, I will make the stretch of the fall a lot more subtle, as I feel that especially when the ball changes direction, the stretch becomes distracting.
Another change I will probably be making is I feel the bounces are too close together, so spreading them out a little would be of benefit c: I'll be working on both these things along with whatever I get from the guy who agreed to help mentor me over the summer.

In addition to this, there are some feedback tutorials with my lecturers on the 13th, so I should have some information on what I was doing right, or wrong in regards to all of the work I submitted on either the 24th or the 31st of last month :D Which should be really awesome c:

We also get our grades on the 27th of this month, so just under two weeks time! So I'll be updating with any feedback I get from that and tell you if I have to re-take any of the modules in the summer (fingers crossed that I don't, but I'm not to confident in how my Damaged Detail and 2D to 3D Projects are going to hold up in the marking process)

But other than these things, I'm pretty much free to work on whatever I want now c: I'll be doing some observational drawing in my free time (another thing suggested), particularly over the coming week, when I'll be going home for a few days, to catch up with an old friend of mine (and won't have my computer or maya)

Other than this, I'll be updating when I have new work to show :D or new information on things :3
Expect another blog post in a week or so once I've had these tutorials and improved on the beginners tasks I've been working on :D

Until Next Time! c:

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