Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Life Drawing Catch up (Two sessions)

  I've had a few problems with my camera and didn't end up posting last sessions life drawing, so I thought I'd do another small batch post of my last life drawings of 2013 :) The first set (with a female model) from the 20th November and the second set (with the male model) being from today, the 4th December. 

Session #1 - 20/11/13

1 Minute warm-up poses
10 Minute poses
  20 Minute "Block in" pose (we were told to begin at the center of the body and colour outwards, not start with an outline)

 20 Minute 'Negative space' pose, we were asked to draw in, only the 'negative space, leaving the figure and any items in the room with her blank (we were then given 2 minutes at the end, to slightly fill in the figure)
 30 Minute Pose

Session #2 04/12/13

We tried a lot of interesting new techniques during this session, set by our life drawing tutor to help improve out confidence with figure drawing.

 5 Minute poses
 2 Minute Poses from memory
 2 Minute "line contour" poses, not removing the charcoal from the paper and not looking at the paper
 5 minute pose, not looking at the model and having the pose described to me by a life drawing partner
 10 Minute 'caricature' 
 10 Minute pose drawn as though you were sculpting it with polygons
 25 Minute pose

I've been enjoying life drawing a lot more lately, in first year it was something I really dreaded having to go to, but now it's actually something I look forward to every 2 weeks :D
This could be due to quite a few factors though, as many things have changed from last year, I now live with my course mates so I don't have to travel to the other campus alone, we're in a different life drawing room and I think I'm a lot more confident with my drawing ability overall, than I was in first year. But we'll see c: I hope it's something I continue to get better at, through the rest of my time on this course. I'll be attending optional sessions for sure now :D

Until next time 

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