Friday, 21 March 2014

Life Drawing Update :)

A rather belated update here, with some of my life drawings from the past two sessions in Feburary :) We haven't had many life drawing sessions lately (infact, I think we've had all of our sessions for this year already, which is a little bit of a shame) but yes, below is work from two sessions, one with the male model and one with the female :) We've been working with a much bigger variety of techniques during our recent session, like blocking in the figure or using negative space around the figure, instead of the common '2 minute sketch' and 'line contour' tasks we usually do.

Session #1 - 

 2 Minute sketches

 5 Minute Sketches

 Movement sketches (2 minutes each pose)

 10 Minute Sketches

 5 Minute movement sketches (The model moved around and we had 5 mins for each pose, in a different colour)
 20 Minute Pose

Session #2 -

 1 Minute quick sketches 

 10 Minute blocking drawing (we started from the middle of the figure and blocked out with colour)

 10 Minute Sketch from memory and 10 Minute Sketch

Negative space drawing (Drawing the space around the figure)

  20 Minute Portraiture

  20 Minute light drawing

All of these sessions were right after a long break from Christmas, so I felt a little rusty and I think that showed quite a bit, but I still really enjoyed both sessions and hope my ability to confidently draw the human form continues to improve ^^

Until next time ~

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